Forest Certification

Japan Forest Technology Association (JAFTA) has been accredited as a certification body by Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC -, and has been providing its services for the certification.

About SGEC
SGEC is an organization established through talks and in agreement among those people from various fields including not only forestry-related organizations but also economic/industrial circles, consumers, environmental NGOs and the like.

SGEC has developed two systems, i.e. the forest certification system for certifying forests where sustainable forest managements are conducted, and the separation and labeling system for certifying the process of manufacturing and distribution of forest products produced in certified forests.

These two systems enable SGEC marked certified forest products to be placed on the market, and thus consumers can purchase them by their preference.

Through these actions mentioned above, consumers can contribute to the management of certified forests that have been managed in a sustainable manner.

About Forest Certification JAFTA System
1. Certification procedures
1.1 Preliminary study for Assessment (the study)
The study is conducted for the purpose of grasping strength and weakness of applied forests in the light of SGEC Standards and Indicators, and clarifying matters to be developed in order to ensure a smooth progress of subsequent certification assessment.

The study is not compulsory, but up to applicants' will.

1.2 Assessment for certification
Assessment is conducted to decide the propriety of certification

Ordinary processes for certification are as follows :
Applications --> Contracts --> On-site assessments --> Developments of reports --> Discussions and Decisions of certifications by Judgment Board for Forest Certification (the Board) --> Reporting to SGEC --> Deliveries of certificates by SGEC

In on-site assessments, verification of related documents, grasp of management conditions for applied forests, interviews with stakeholder and the like are conducted, and the proprieties of certification are evaluated.

The Board decides the propriety approximately within forty (40) days after on-site assessment

2. The period of certification validity and audit (management review)
2.1 The period of validity
Certifications are valid for five years.

Renewals of certificates are necessary for the continuation of certification.

2.2 Audit
Audits are implemented once a year.

Generally in audits, accomplishments of forest management over the past one year are grasped and it is reviewed how to address conditions attached at the time of certification award.

3. Classification of forest management certification
Category Definitions
Individual Certification A single forest owner applies for the certification of his or her own forests.
Group Certification Regional type : A certain area of forests should be applied for the certification.
Personal type : More than one forest owners apply for the certification of their own forests.
Forest Managers' Certification A forest manager to whom more than one forest owners consign their own forests applies for the certification of their consigned forests.

4. Standards, Indicators and Elaborations for forest certification
They are described in PDF.
5. How to assess forest managements
Assessment is carried out by evaluating whether or not managements of applied forests meet every requirement of 35 Indicators.

When the managements do not meet some requirements, then some following conditions in the table shall be attached at the time of certification award.

Conditions Characteristics Actions to be taken
Requirements of Indicators are met, but improvements are expected by the designated time. It is desirable to address the weaknesses by the designated time
Weaknesses Requirements of Indicators are almost met,but improvements are needed by the designated time because of low adaptability to the requirements. Improvements are needed by the designated time to ensure the continuation of certification
Defects Requirements of Indicators are not met. Application for certification shall be done after applicants' corrective performance.

6. The list of certified forests
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7. The list of certified entities for SGEC separation and labeling system
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