International Cooperation
Dispatch of technicians and experts to conduct preliminary and basic studies.
Dispatch of experts to take part in technical cooperation projects.
Studies on forest resources and formulation of development / management plans.
Studies concerning the state of forestry and exchange of technicians.
Acceptance of trainees from developing countries.

Aerial Survey Mapping, Remote Sensing and GIS
Aerial photography, aerial triangulation and the preparation of ortho-photo maps.
Compilation of basic forest maps, forest information registers and forest type maps.
River surveys and land surveys.
Analysis of remote sensing.
Compilation of basic forest data for use in GIS.

Research and Investigation
Environmental Impact Assessment
The assessment of the impact on the environment of the construction of roads (forest roads), construction of dams and development of forested lands.
Various investigations concerning forest ecology.

Watershed Management
Planning of watershed conservation and design of forest roads.
Investigation of soil and water conservation functions of forests and design and planning of revegetation works.
Investigation of hazardous sites in mountainous areas.

Forest Recreation
Planning of forest recreation zones and development of eco-tourism in forested areas.
Planning of establishment of forests for the conservation of human habitation.
Planning and design of citizens forest and the forest for rest and recreation.
Planning and design of herbariums.

Forest Resources Evaluation
Soil survey and various forest surveys.
Studies for planning of biomass transformation, and studies to grasp the resources of under-utilized and unutilized lands.
Multilateral use of data base and formulation of stand density management diagrams and yeild tables.
Survey of insects and pests.

Participatory Studies and Rural Development
Studies on RRA and PRA.
Studies on the planning of regional development.
Studies on the development of mountain village.

Government Designated Work
Training of forestry technicians.
Inspection and analysis of aerial photography of forested areas.
Duplication and distribution of aerial photos.

Forest Technology Promotion
Training of forestry technicians.
Inspection and analysis of aerial photography of forested areas.
Publication of "Ringyo Gijyutsu"(Forestry Technology) monthly, the official organ of JAFTA and publication of technical reports, bulletins and books on forestry.
Production of videos concerning forestry.
Production of pamphlets and demonstration panels for PR purposes.
Planning of training programmes and acceptance of trainees.
Sale of forestry equipment and Instruments.

Technical Staff by Number and Qualification as of 2002
Doctor of Agriculture 12
Consulting Engineer 28
Surveyor, Assistant Surveyor 70
Information Management Engineer 3
Forest Engineer 47
Civil Engineer 11
Landscape Architect 3
Photographer 2
Pollution Control Engineer 2

Membership as of 2002
Approximately 10,000 forestry engineers and researchers, university Professors, forestry students, as well as a number of forestry related organizations.

Organization Chart
President General Affairs Division
Executive Director Accounting Division
Director Editorial Section
Counselor Office of Registered Forestry Engineers
Inspector Global Environment Division
Advisor Technology and Research Division
Aerial Photo Inspection Division
Aerial Survey Division
Aerial Photo Section
Information Technology Division
Overseas Forest Information Center
Planning and Coordination Division
Forest Environment Division
Forest Multiuse Division
Forest Enhancement Division
International Project Division
International Cooperation Division

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